Chrisy Parrish is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and a CHA certified horsemanship instructor.

Chrisy Parrish, LMHC

(360) 921-2341

Treatment Options:

We will work with you on a personalized treatment plan specialized for your needs. Sessions can work with individuals, couples, or the family to improve communication and family dynamics in an interactive and experiential environment. 
​Each session lasts about 1 hour.

Individual Sessions

$60 per session 


$550 for a 10 week term

​Family Therapy

$70 per session


$650 for a 10 week term 

Equine Assisted Therapy

We offer Equine Therapy at Flyin' Changes.

Equine Assisted Therapy is facilitated by a mental health therapist and is aimed at helping youth, children and adults improve mental health and behavioral issues. Sessions are designed to foster positive social interactions, increase self-esteem, and help clients work through emotional struggles through providing an environment that encourages trust, communication, and overcoming challenges through the assistance of a horse. Sessions may or may not include riding depending on the goals of the client.

**We cannot accept insurance at this time so we offer rates that are more affordable.**